The Boral Baul and Fakir Utsav

The Boral Baul and Fakir Utsav will be held on the 16/17 and 18th of Feburary 2018

We will represent millenary oral traditions of Bengal,  baul and fakir songs and teaching stories,   of Chhau theatre,   anchored in the popular and religious life in Bengal, fertile soil of syncretism and of synergy between populations of multiple ethnic and religious origins.

All night long, through gestures, postures, dances,  songs and stories, sounds and silences,  represented  pictorially through the projection of images on a screen,  we will travel with  the  baul singers on a musical  itinerary across Bengal, from  the red soil of Birbhum, land of the bauls, to Purulia, to the hilly forest cradle  of Chhau theatre, to Midnapur, the nest  of the itinerant potua painters, adjacent to Orissa  across Bankura, Birbhum, and Nadia and finally to the new cities and new talents of Shantiniketan and Kolkata .  Along the way, the bauls will  share with the public,  the same simple language, the same social milieu, the same spiritual and artistic values as the  people.of these regions .    Our festival will ferry  the public across on these  star-studded  Bengali nights, through  forest  and fields,  across lakes and  rivers to  the edges of the new cities where marvelous folk songs and emotional religious theater still  impregnate urban life.

Their healing  songs will reveal new dimensions  in the arts represented  on stage and will  express their noble philosophical vision.   On  this road,  we will encounter  the unique masked  performances of the Chhau dancers.  Each  representation  will be commented upon by  the actors and the scenes represented will be enhanced through a minimalist décor to express the aesthetic values of the origins of these traditions.

A new initiative of Jogmaya Trust  is the organization of a cinema tent at the festival site. This is part of our focus on restoring and remembering our much beloved and departed bauls.   It’s also our way of bringing back these wonderful films to the people who initially inspired their  making.

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