Stage 1 – inside the Sen Gardens compound.
Stage 2 – the football field opposite Saral Dighi in collaboration with the Shakti Sangha Club

Friday, 16 February 2018

14h Inauguration Documentary Film Festival ( Cinema Hut – Stage 1)

14h  – 17 h 30

Le Chant des Fous of Georges Luneau/ 1h30 minutes

Obak Jai Here of Ranjan Palit/ 26 minutes

18 h

Guru Bandana: Invocations to the Gurus.
Led by Kanai Das Baul and Satyananda Das Baul ( Stage 1)

This will be followed by songs of Initiation to Deha Tattva in the form of questions and answers
: Songs of the Bauls and Fakirs

17 February 2018

14h  Documentary Film Festival

Egaro Miles of Ruchir Joshi/ 2h 40  minutes or film by Mona Lisa Das Gupta on the Bauls

18h: Songs of the bauls and  fakirs:

The bauls will lead the public out to the open air and the grounds to watch the Chhau performances.

20h  This event will take place in as Stage 2.

CHHAU featuring the troupe  of  the late Gambhir Singh MuraThe Chhau team will consist of  30 members including 5 musicians and 9 actors and a mask maker.

Prelude orchestra and Invocation to Ganesha by the Chhau musicians.

-Parasuram Badh:  Shiva,  Ganesh, Kartick who can only defeat the demon Parasuram only with the help of  the goddess Parvati
-Mahishashur Badh: The killing of the Buffalo Demon by the goddess Durga
-Rakshasha Ekura : Solo Dance
-Sumbha et Nisumbha: The war between the Gods and the Asuras
-Hara Dhanu Bhanga: Rama et Lakshmana are attacked by Taraka
– Ravana Badh: The killing of Ravana by Ram and Lakshman

21h- 24h: Songs of the Bauls and Fakirs

Sunday, 18 February 2018

10h to 11.30h – Paban Das Baul in interaction with  new young  local musical talents  (Stage 1)

14h – 18h Documentary Film Festival

Films: Ladly Mukhopadhyay on Gour Khepa and Subal Das Baul.

Sufi Soul

18h: Songs of the Bauls and Fakirs ( Stage 2)

22h Milan Sangeet by  Baul Gurus.
End of Program.
Note: The Program Schedule is a tentative one and it is subject to change according to the situations.

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