Team Members

Paban Das Baul is reorganizing Antare Jantar Society, a cooperative, which has exported baul and folk instruments worldwide through the Fair Trade network. This social business has run into a bottleneck because of a fall of quality in the products in the absence of Paban during his international tours. He plans to create carpentry in the Lohagore ashram where he will personally supervise the creation of baul and folk musical instruments and also teach the use of these instruments to students and musicians both from the local population but also from all over the world.

Urmimala Sen is developing a kantha project with the women weavers of Lohagore. There are eleven Self Help groups in Lohagore village but the women stock kilometres of saris and other products which they can no longer sell. The quality of their work is degraded and we first embarked upon the idea of proposing to the women a series of drawings of yantras and philosophical paintings made by Shri Haripada Goswami with the idea of inspiring them to return to a more holistic, imaginative and meditative way of life. The result of this work of memory retrieval is a series of works of Kantha art which we carried with us to Europe and exhibited them to take our idea of taking the local to the global forwards.