JOGMAYA could be translated as “desire to unite”.
We are inspired by the vision of our baul gurus, Shri Haripada Goswami and Nirmala Ma and will dedicate our mahotsav to their memory. The first Boral Baul mahotsav in February 1988, was directed by them.Jogmaya Trust responds to the deep and urgent need  of traditional folk  artists, baul singers and fakirs, to  preserve, to trasmit and to promote their  cultural  oral and intangible heritage of peace and communal harmony, deeply endangered today by globalization and commercialization, religious intolerance and the culture of war.

Through our initiatives, and in collaboration with Association SAHAJIYA, who will assure the direction of the festival,  Jogmaya Trust will provide an infra-strucure of support  to the  artists of our team and will propose to them new fields of interaction: a practical exploration of the world of contemporary performance in all its aspects, whether technical or artistic.

We propose to create a school in Lohagore Village in Birbhum which will be a platform for an introduction to the arts of theatre, music and painting in Bengal through workshops, seminars, conferences, concerts and cuisine and also  nights of films, of songs, of music, of theatre and the arts related to folk music and folk  theatre.

To achieve our objectives,  Paban Das Baul and I have decided to regenerate the Boral Baul and Fakir Utsav. This festival, which we held every year between 1988 and 2000,  came to a standstill when got busy with international tours.

We decided to move our festival to Lohagore Village in Birbhum to a more natural environment. Three editions of the Baul Fakir festival were successfully held in 2011, 2012 and 2013.Today, because of popular local demand,  a resurgence of this popular festival is on the cards in Boral.